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Andy Reeds spent most of his career in the Army where he was heavily involved in public relations, media training and journalism.

For five years Andy was responsible for providing specialist media advice, training and simulation and more than 11,000 people have learned to communicate effectively through the media from him.

His range of training experience is extensive.

Specialisms include the preparation of personnel to work in international organisations such as the United Nations and alongside Non-Governmental Organisations and charities. On behalf of the UK Government, Andy has trained personnel from over 90 overseas government organisations to improve and develop their ability to communicate effectively through the media.

Andy is the UK's leading expert on the integration of realistic media simulation into training exercises and crisis rehearsals. This ranges from small workshop sessions to exercises involving in excess of 350 players from across the armed forces and blue-light emergency services.

A substantial military career.

A significant aspect has involved the prediction of future developments in journalism and its supporting technologies, planning of training strategies which ensure that personnel are prepared for changes in the media environment.

He is a regular lecturer on media planning and communication to government officials in Europe and Africa. He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.