David Bennett's profileDavid Bennett's profile

David trained as a journalist in print and broadcasting before gaining BA (hons) in Mass Communications at University. He joined the BBC as a reporter in 1984, was later appointed News Editor at BBC Wiltshire Sound (the youngest in the BBC), and moved to television in London and Bristol producing regional news, before managing BBC local radio stations.

David also worked as a Producer on national BBC Radio Four's Today programme and BBC TV Newsnight. He reported on the Miners' Strike, the Zeebrugge disaster, and the Great Storm, and led BBC teams covering the Clapham rail disaster and Lyme Bay canoe tragedy among others.

In his BBC career he won several awards. In 1994, David Bennett joined Dorset County Council as its Head of Communications. His last eight years before co-founding Crown Media was managing Media and Communications at Southampton City Council.

David was also an RAF reserve officer working in media operations. He has served across Europe and Asia including extended spells in Iraq and Afghanistan, the latter as Chief of Media Operations for NATO/ISAF. David uses his extensive media skills and experience to train many people at all levels, both as individuals and in a classroom setting.

He is also experienced in running 'simulated' activities.

He is also experienced in running 'simulated' activities, creating challenging and realistic multi-media environments. David is an acknowledged expert in emergency and crisis communications, and advised the Government's South East Regional Media Emergency Forum.

David is an award winning Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, an Associate Member of the Emergency Planning Society, and a Master Member of the Institute of Videography.

David also writes for various publications - see his latest article below (Eurocorp gets it right) on how to get the best out of the Media.