Etholle George's profileEtholle George's profile

Etholle is a professional TV and radio journalist and trainer who has been involved in the media since 1993. She has presented every programme in the radio station schedule – Breakfast news, Drivetime occasionally, and everything else in between.

She currently works as a freelance presenter mainly for the BBC. She currently presents a lunchtime news phone-in for BBC Essex (radio), five days a week. The format; heated debate and discussion with guests and listeners. She has also works as a TV newsreader, reporter and bulletin producer. She began presenting BBC1’s ‘The Politics Show’ (a live discussion programme) for the East of England in 2001 and still does. She has also recently returned to TV news reading for Look East in Norwich. She has worked in the world of media training since 1996 and has been involved in media simulation with the police and emergency services before joining the Crown pool of journalists.