The media we deserve?The media we deserve?

Complaining about the media is a pastime in many places - they're too powerful, dishonest, biased or sensational. All probably true.

But it's a reality that we get the media we deserve. For example, each day millions of people, millions of 'us', buy newspapers. This earns them revenue both through sales and advertising. And that endorses the product. If we're really unhappy, why do we go on buying? Or listen to radio stations which in turn count numbers to sell to advertisers? If we really dislike a particular station, we can tune away. But very few do.

There have been rare examples of public displeasure. Despite abject apologies, sales of The Sun, a UK tabloid newspaper, remain poor in Liverpool years after the city boycotted the paper after it accused soccer fans of being - in part - to blame for the Hilsborough disaster in which may fans were crushed to death.

The only media we really can't affect in this way are the state owned organisations, funded by a legally enforced fee such as a licence. But these are often the least worst anyway.

So yes, let's accept criticism of the media - but reflect, as in a mirror, that this criticism may often be a result of our own views, prejudices and behaviour.