Steve Gravenor's profileSteve Gravenor's profile

Steve is Crown Media's Operations Manager - a full time post. A former newspaper journalist with 25 years experience, Steve also works as a news cameraman for us, and an experienced exercise Leader. In his media career, he worked around the globe covering major stories such as the genocide in Rwanda, the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka and the work of UN troops in the Congo.

A former night news editor at the Sunday Express, Steve has worked on virtually every national title in the UK as well as organisations as diverse as Paris Match, Bild, and AP. Steve has been with Crown Media, often leading jobs, for the past seven years, as a freelance before joining the company full-time, and has built up huge experience in the world of media simulation and training across the UK, Europe, Canada and Kenya. His job as a camera operator/editor is to bring the news to life and create the realistic product that Crown Media is so well known for. Using a range of specialist skills, he can work under harsh conditions to produce a news bulletin that one of the national channels would be happy to broadcast. As an example of his work, Steve produced a series of simulated news programmes to help the UK Government prepare for the 2012 Olympic Games, and led Crown Media's work for the Cabinet Office and Emergency Planning College in connection with the international event. He is also experienced at exercise writing - for example with NATO's JEMM computer system.