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Steve Gravenor


Steve Gravenor is an accomplished media professional who has worked in newspapers, TV and digital, both nationally and internationally during his award-winning career. He is skilled not only at writing news stories for various platforms but is also an expert in filming and editing news packages and bulletins.

Steve has worked within the military media simulation environment - both for NATO, the UK MoD, and Bundeswehr - since 2007 and is regarded as an expert in the SIMPRESS field. In 2018, he became a director and shareholder of Crown Media after a stint as operations manager.

Steve has worked on at least 20 military exercises and training events per year since 2007, including most recently RS 19-1 and 19-3 training events, Exercise NATO Georgia 2019, Common Tenacity 18, and Citadel Bonus 18. He is now Crown Media’s lead on NATO training events and is as at home using specialised exercise system JEMM as he is writing and delivering news stories.

Steve is regularly deployed to Afghanistan by NATO’s Joint Force Training Centre in Bydgoszcz to work with Resolute Support’s TAAC-N headquarters in Mazar-i-Sharif. His role is to help monitor and enhance the public affairs operation.

As a multi-skilled professional, Steve is as skilled and expert at filming and editing news bulletins as he is writing and producing TV news, radio bulletins, newspaper articles, and social media posts.

He is also particularly knowledgeable and interested in social media and its use in the geopolitical arena and its power and influence during times of conflict and is an avid reader on the subject due to its constantly evolving nature.

Steve trained as a journalist at the UK’s National Council for Training of Journalists in 1986 after first graduating with a diploma in electronic engineering, a field he turned his back on after realising his passion in life was for the media and journalism.

His career has seen him work across the local, national, and international media as a reporter, news editor, night editor, and, later on, as a video journalist. 

He was also employed by a British police force as one of its first civilian public affairs/press officers.

Titles and channels he has worked for have included The Times of London, the Daily Telegraph, Sunday Express, The Sun, Daily Mail, BBC, Reuters, Paris Match and Associated Press. 

His reporting experience is immense. Steve has met, interviewed and filmed world leaders, celebrities and senior military commanders. He has written about everything from a village show to the genocide in Rwanda and gangland murders to the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami which killed 230,000 people.

Steve spent four years covering the prestigious World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where he filmed presidents, prime ministers and business leaders for Reuters, producing TV packages and video news releases for worldwide consumption.

But Steve’s passion has always been the military and he has worked with thousands of soldiers and officers as they prepared for operations and in particular ISAF and Resolute Support in Afghanistan and Op Telic in Iraq. 

He has worked across NATO and commercial clients worldwide. His NATO clients include RRC-FR, Eurocorps, 1 GNC, MNCNE, JFC Brunssum, and JFTC Bydgoszcz. His skills include the ability to author exercises and create scenarios and incidents to test both Public Affairs, and whole HQ staff. Steve is JEMM trained, and cleared to NATO Secret.