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World-Leading Conservation Organisation

The chief executive of a world-leading conservation organisation was due to face the media on a number of contentious topics. He was keen to practice his interview technique and messaging so Crown Media was called in.

We designed an appropriate media simulation environment and provided a highly-experienced senior broadcast journalist to carry out a series of probing interviews on wide-ranging topics.

One of our skilled cameraman/editors filmed the interviews for immediate playback and then they were converted into news packages to demonstrate how journalists select key sound bites for inclusion in their news packages.

As a result of our training, the chief executive’s media engagement was a huge success.

Leading London Publisher

A major London publishing house wished to boost the confidence of one of its authors to enable them to complete an anticipated series of media interviews for a forthcoming book launch. Crown Media were requested to assist with a creative training solution.

We designed a series of realistic scenarios which were used in conjunction with an over-arching simulation scenario. We then tasked one of our journalist/trainers to spend the day with the author, briefing him on the media and conducting a series of interviews

The result? The author was empowered and enthusiastic about promoting his forthcoming book in the media and its launch was a great success.

Candidates for Promotion to Senior Police Officers

Two police forces wished to assess a number of candidates as part of the Senior Police National Assessment Centre process that identifies officers capable of being an effective chief officer. Crown Media was called in to assist with making the process as realistic and challenging as possible.

Our team established a temporary television studio and working with a series of well-crafted and realistic scenarios the candidates were put through a number of simulated challenging television pre-recorded and live interviews.

They had to explain complex and difficult legal issues to the public without compromising investigations or committing their notional force beyond their brief.

Thanks to the skill and professionalism of our team, the day was a great success and this event has now become a regular task for Crown Media.