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Simulation that works

We are the cutting edge of media and information simulation

Bespoke solutions for specific customers

It’s not just the mainstream media - It’s also social media, fake news, propaganda and false flag information activities.

Crown media is the world leader in training through simulated media

Information simulation experts.

Providing discreet, bespoke media simulation solutions is at the heart of Crown Media’s work. Our track record is first class. Our work allows our clients to validate and improve their communications. 

Crown Media has been creating simulation and training solutions for more than 14 years. In that time, we have delivered more than 1,600 simulation solutions for individual clients. We specialise in delivering media simulation that validates an organisation’s planning and structures and stress tests the organisation’s ability to communicate both in normal times and in crisis.

Our clients are wide ranging, including the military, government departments, international organisations, the emergency services and private companies. The issues faced by the military on a major operation, the emergency services during a serious incident or a corporate organisation in the aviation industry, while all are using similar management and communication techniques they have fundamentally differing structures and communication strategies.

Every client who approaches us has a unique aspect to their communications planning and needs a simulation solution specific to their circumstance and operating environment. We treat every client’s requirements on that basis and then working with the client we design the simulation solution that will deliver the effect which they require. That may just be a media simulation solution, it may require consultancy, specific training support or even confidential video production.

We maintain a large pool of journalists, trainers and technical staff, so that we can always build the best team to fit a specific requirement. Many of our pool are UK and NATO security cleared and all have signed confidentiality agreements.

The media world does not stand still, and neither do we. Constantly analysing the news and social media environment, we are ‘futureologists’, researching new information trends and developing ways to realistically simulate them. That includes news, social media, false news and propaganda.

Crown Media provides valuable insights into the poacher's world, from a gamekeeper's perspective.

Brilliant, absolutely vital."

Boris Johnson UK Prime Minister talking about Crown Media