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When you are in<br />
the media spotlight,<br />
be prepared.

Media skills are essential in organisations which value good communication. Much rides on each exposure in the media and social media.

Preparation is key to successful engagement with audiences and management of your reputation. Crown Media provides training and validation, based on many years successfully managing media relations at all levels.

Press conference
Crown Media is the world leader in training through simulated media environments. Rehearsal in a safe and controlled environment develops your performance and self-confidence from boardroom to battleground. It's not just the main stream media...
Editing video
Media training, from strategic planning to tactical engagement, is essential for companies which value their communication and reputation. Much can ride on media (and social media) exposure especially in a crisis. Preparation is a critical...
TV news
Providing confidential consultancy is at the heart of Crown Media's work. Our track record is world class. We work to devise meaningful communications plans and strategies, to achieve direct and positive outcomes.