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Confidential filming and production

Filming and production you can trust

We are not a traditional video production company. Large teams, long lead times and high prices are not what we do. But we have a pool of experienced camera operators, editors and voice-over artists who are used to fast turn-around times. We use television news production techniques to produce short, high impact videos and to capture sensitive video for archive.

Some examples of our expertise:

You need to brief your staff quickly on an important safety issue or a vital operational lesson; the solution to reach your team rapidly and effectively is a short video. We produce such films all the time and it is straightforward. It sometimes falls out of other work we are already doing for our clients. At its simplest, a military customer we were working with in Africa had their training exercise interrupted by rare flash-flooding that tragically killed one person. Our team stopped work and within a day had produced a safety briefing video that was distributed, and uploaded to the organisation’s website, to ensure that staff understood the dangers.

A government department preparing for a major political event was training staff for the potential issues and challenges that could be faced. They wanted it filmed and archived, but it was very sensitive. We provided a security-cleared video production team who filmed, edited and delivered the entire event for archive.

Thank you for your support in the preparation and delivery of Exercise Yellow Prepare. I am particularly grateful for your preparation of an effective product against a challenging timeline.

Jon Gunns, Civil Contingencies Secretariat, Cabinet Office.

Fast, effective, confidential filming

Capturing history for the record

Thank you for the videos for the Environment Agency exercises. Spot on. Exactly what we need to run in the incident room.

Philip Emonson, JBA Consulting

You delivered the safety video incredibly quickly. I have no doubt it will help prevent another tragedy.

T Secombe, British Army Training Unit, Kenya

Our experience takes your skills to a new level

Tapping in to our wide base of expert knowledge

A CEO wanted to film an address to his company explaining a major new contract he believed that they were about to win. The announcement had to be filmed discreetly and only released if the bid was successful.

An international corporation preparing for a major exhibition where it intended to reveal major new technology that would put the company ahead in its industry wanted filming completed in secrecy before the event.

A major government accident investigation department was preparing for the public release of its report into a fatal and contentious accident. We provided a team to film the rehearsals and helped to analyse, from a journalist’s perspective, how the media was likely to report the findings. This allowed the organisation to refine the way it presented its findings to better inform the public.

Some extremely positive feedback on the videos that you produce from HMCS Montreal. Very many thanks.

Lt Cdr Rob Bullock RN, Joint Tactical Exercise Planning Staff