Crown Media is the world leader in training through simulated media environments. Rehearsal in a safe and controlled environment develops your performance and self-confidence from boardroom to battleground. It's not just the main stream media - social media also affects your reputation and we have unique cutting edge tools to develop skills and understanding. 

Many leading organisations know this including the UK Government Departments such as the Ministry of Defence (to whom we are the exclusive provider of media simulation), the Home Office and Public Health England, many emergency services, councils, charities, large companies and financial institutions, international Governments, and international organisations such as NATO and the EU. We provide media and social media simulation on over 150 exercises every year, across the world.

It is essential to test skills, systems and outputs.

It is essential to test skills, systems, and outputs, especially in potentially emergency situations. Realistic practice develops the assertive skills to succeed and use media interviews and other events as opportunities for your messages. Crown Media provides practical, tailor-made simulation environments. Preparing for work with the media is not a purely academic exercise. We deliver real media output to reflect your inputs.

We test processes from message management, clearance and delivery, empowering and developing whole teams and their chains of control and command, to individuals' interviews and media skills.

Team development, and the vision of media being seen as a collective responsibility is essential, especially in a world of citizen journalism where services such as Twitter and Facebook give everyone a chance to communicate quickly and effectively. Our unique, realistic and protected on-line simulations of social media such as Twitter and web blogging sites enable skills development, and de-mystify social media in a safe environment. 

This can be achieved by working with an individual radio, newspaper or new media reporter to a television crew, through to a full Crown Media team with regular broadcast programmes and output, throwing a range of hard-ball questions in a fast and dynamic environment. We are innovative.  Media outputs can be delivered in person to individuals, or to large dispersed audiences on secure password-protected media websites - replicating the real world. 

Creating the actual media output completes the process.

The opportunities range from post classroom training on one-to-one interviews and briefings, to pre-event management, identifying tricky issues and helping you reach solutions and appropriate strategies for handling tough issues. Our advice will always be simple to understand, realistic and relevant. All our staff are real world professionals trained to focus on the training objective of developing a more skilled and confident media manager and team.

We provide the tools through simulated media work to tackle the toughest issues in an appropriate manner, or to make the very best of proactive opportunities.