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Information simulation experts

Some organisations are constantly engaged in communication with the public. They have well designed and practised systems and protocols supported by experienced media professionals. They may also have tried and tested plans for communicating in a crisis.

But what if your organisation knows how to deal with routine media events, but has not dealt with a crisis within current corporate memory? Do you have the right structures and protocols in place? Do all your people know how to react? Have you got a nominated spokesperson? Do you know how they will perform under pressure? Do you have a pool of tried and tested subject matter experts ready to talk with authority on specific aspects of your organisation’s activities? Are you making assumptions about events and crises based on your internal corporate knowledge? Do you fully understand the public’s perception of your organisation?

In the past it has been difficult to assess the people and the protocols you have in place (if indeed you have them in place). But using simulation you can create a realistic media and information environment that will pressure test your systems and then practice and assess your spokespersons and subject matter experts in an immediate and realistic way and identify areas of weakness and strength.

We discuss with your team the nature of the simulation you require. We can help with the design of the media and information aspects of specific serials during the planning for an exercise or event. This will help you ensure that the serials introduced into an exercise achieve the maximum media and information training value. We can help to create specific serials to trigger responses from your team. Finally, if there are any obvious shortfalls in capability we can provide guidance on how to resolve them before the exercise. It may be, for example, that your subject matter experts have never been interviewed before. In that case we can recommend and deliver tailored training that will prepare them for the exercise and their future role. That approach will maximise the training value of the exercise. The simulation delivered during an exercise should, ideally, validate your organisation’s protocols not just identify negative issues.

In Crown Media we don’t break people, we make them more capable.

We have continually employed Crown Media because of their excellence, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. The ability to understand military Public Affairs from a personal and experienced perspective, and a sympathetic approach which has continually provided good training outcomes.

LTC Paul Kolken, Chief PAO, 1GNC (Retired)

All have benefited from our expertise and experience

Information simulation experts

We can create simulations that engage with your team using the full range of broadcast and print media. But these days it is not just the traditional media. Social media is now critical for your audience engagement whether you are working in the corporate, resilience, military or humanitarian domain. We can field a range of realistic social media simulation tools that can fully reflect the information play in the exercise that you are planning.

We spend a great deal of time researching the latest trends in social media and creating simulations that we can use during exercises.

Some companies may encourage you to use systems and structures within the real social media world to practice during an exercise. We believe this is not advisable. During a crisis management exercise an organisation is frequently practicing for its perceived worst fears. For such information to escape into the wild would be potentially damaging to your organisation’s reputation.

Our social media, like our traditional media is delivered via a secure website which your team can be given access to. When an exercise is finished, we can, by negotiation, leave it visible for a period of time so you can analyse the product created during the exercise. Once that process is complete we erase the content of the site.

We can discuss specific media and social media requirements with you and provide access to an example site so that you can see how the media and social media product will be viewed by your team.

A brief note to say what an outstanding job your team did on the recent Operation TRENTON mission rehearsal. They engaged with the training audience, produced excellent products and really made a significant contribution.

Col Tom Marsden RE, Commander, 12 (Force Support) Engineer Group