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Analysis and advice based on broad experience

Our primary area of expertise is in media training and simulation. Confidential consultancy is often a key factor in clarifying a client’s issues and identifying the most effective training and simulation solutions to meet their needs. However, we have a pool of very experienced communications and media specialists and they can also provide wider advice on solving communication issues or refining procedures.

Confidentiality is critical to advise and consult effectively. All our specialists are selected for their expertise, their proven training ability and their discretion. Our personnel are covered by individual confidentiality agreements. All have signed the Official Secrets Act and many of our people are NATO and UK security cleared.

When we support a client during a training event or with media simulation to add realism to their exercise, confidentiality is paramount. A client will be practising and validating their team and systems to ensure they are prepared. While their worst crisis will probably never happen, they have to be confident their sensitive issues will remain confidential. Our trained professionals and closed simulation systems ensures that happens.

Our personnel have worked at all levels in the media, including as leading political and defence journalists. Frequently when a customer is looking for support in preparing for a specific issue or event, we will have someone who has either managed a similar event or reported on it. This gives them unique and profound insight into what the client should expect and prepare for.

With our range of experience, Crown Media offers the most valuable insights of the poacher's world, from a gamekeeper's perspective.

Providing confidential consultancy is at the heart of Crown Media's work. Our track record is world class. We work to devise meaningful communications plans and strategies, to achieve direct and positive outcomes.

We have worked in many environments, from benign domestic settings developing reputation through working day-to-day with the media, to hostile and fast running situations. A particular strength is emergency and crisis management, and risk assessment of media issues helping you put in place and test key messages to develop and maintain your public reputation.

It certainly is not true that all publicity is good publicity. However if you have a few positive key messages and use these consistently, you can turn a threat into an opportunity.

Crown Media is skilled at devising key messages, working closely with the client and its core values. This can be a lengthy process, sometimes when the most precious commodity is time. But we use a wealth of experience to work quickly and in a collaborative environment. We can then train you how to use these messages across a range of communications in interviews and other public engagements. This ensures coherence and that your voice will he heard - saying what you want to say.

Not all have been in the front line of Government, the services, or commerce though - sometimes it can be an individual who the spotlight simply falls on and who wants support and skills to allow them to manage the media with confidence. In particular we strive to be balanced and independent, providing powerful and realistic advice.

With our range of experience, Crown Media offers the most valuable insights of the poacher's world, from a gamekeeper's perspective.

Crown Media are much more than media specialists. They are planners who understand the rules and regulations of media simulation and are fully integrated into any Exercise Control Team.

Lt Col Stephan Wessel, 1 Panzer Division

The most valuable insights

"Profuse thanks for the social media sentiment analysis products that you produced to support our exercise. Absolutely brilliant!"

Lt Cdr Andy Patrick RN, SO2 Information Warfare, Maritime Battle Staff

What an outstanding Job your team did. Their product and specialist advice really made a significant contribution.

Col Tom Marsden,12 Engineer Group

Our experience takes your skills to a new level

Tapping in to our wide base of expert knowledge

Professionals who have worked widely across the media and public relations develop the ability to ‘call a story’.

In simple terms this means they can look at any event current, being planned or which you anticipate happening and make a shrewd judgement regarding whether it will be picked up by the media, how it will be reported, how long it will run for, and the impact that it will have with the general public. That is not a skill that can be taught in a short course. It takes a number of years to develop such expertise and this is one of the capabilities that our teams bring to assist you.

This has implications at a number of different levels. When designing an exercise it can inform your choice of serials and how they should be played to impact the exercise realistically. It also allows them to make quick assessments of the skill sets your team bring to the process and where there are gaps in your awareness.

We regularly find ourselves pointing at a plan or event and saying ‘Do you understand how that will play with the media and the public?”. Frequently the client we are assisting is unaware, or too close to the issue to recognise the problem.

This kind of expertise as well as informing the design of simulation and training to maximise the training value can be enormously helpful to clients in assisting them to improve their capabilitiy in the handling of off the wall issues and crises. 

This is part of the mix which explains why we so regularly help organisations and individuals in all walks of life prepare for critical emergencies. We specialise in identifying tricky issues and helping to reach solutions and develop structures for handling tough issues. Our advice will always be easy to understand, realistic and relevant.

I highly recommend the services provided by the Crown Media team for future exercises. Their professionalism and demonstrated expertise were exceptional.

Lt Col Jeff Brizek, Rapid Reaction Corps-France