Providing confidential consultancy is at the heart of Crown Media's work. Our track record is world class. We work to devise meaningful communications plans and strategies, to achieve direct and positive outcomes.

We have worked in many environments, from benign domestic settings developing reputation through working day-to-day with the media, to hostile and fast running situations. A particular strength is emergency and crisis management, and risk assessment of media issues helping you put in place and test key messages to develop and maintain your public reputation.

Many people think 'the media shouldn't be allowed to do this'.

A specific example of this is an announcement, a launch, or another event which will involve the media, which could harm your reputation. It certainly is not true that all publicity is good publicity. However if you have a few positive key messages and use these consistently, you can turn a threat into an opportunity.

Crown Media is skilled at devising key messages, working closely with the client and its core values. This can be a lengthy process, sometimes when the most previous commodity is time. But we use a wealth of experience to work quickly and in a collaborative environment. We can then train you how to use these messages across a range of communications in interviews and other public engagements. This ensures cohesion and that your voice will he heard - saying what you want to say.

Other examples include helping individuals prepare for hostile interview situations, such as can be encountered in consumer journalism.

Many people start from the premise 'it's unfair' and 'the media shouldn't be allowed to do this'. Both may be true, but there is also an inevitability of some media work.

Again, it is about being positive, deciding your messages, repeating them and communicating effectively. It may be a one off event, it may be a lengthy campaign. The same principles apply. Our services are often confidential, but you would recognise many of those we have trained from their successful tv and radio appearances.

Not all have been in the front line of Government, the services, or commerce though - sometimes it can be an individual who the spotlight simply falls on and who wants support and skills to allow them to manage the media with confidence. In particular we strive to be balanced and independent, providing powerful and realistic advice.

With our range of experience, Crown Media offers the most valuable insights of the poacher's world, from a gamekeeper's perspective.