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Free radio tips Get the most from radio interviews. (Recorded on a NATO exercise - 2 minutes).

Media training, from strategic planning to tactical engagement, is essential for companies which value their communication and reputation. Much can ride on media (and social media) exposure especially in a crisis. Preparation is a critical corporate activity.

Preparation is the key. 

Crown Media provides a complete, inclusive and confidential media training process. This is based not just on our experience as journalists. It follows years spent successfully managing media relations at levels ranging from local newspapers to international broadcasters as PR and media specialists.

We will train your team or individuals to identify stories, understand how the media work and create opportunities, how to respond in a crisis, identify and create successful and enduring messages, and more specifically, provide top level interview training and tips and tricks. Social media is also a critical influence - training helps our clients to understand, work and influence this dynamic and multi-faceted environment. This can be done in a classroom setting, or as a one-to-one at the client's premises. The result will be new skills and confident self-knowledge to manage the media effectively.

We have worked with Cabinet Ministers on strategic messages, and with junior staff talking about their day-to-day experience. We have helped organisations prepare for critical emergencies, and also for leisure product launches. In December 2009 and again in 2012 (to 2016) we became the UK Ministry of Defence's only external provider for all media training. Our international private, Government and military client list is extensive. All have benefited from our expertise and experience. And all ask us back time and again to repeat the experience with new personnel and to top-up the skills.

A complete, inclusive and confidential media training process.

The media product may be seen and heard by millions, repeatedly, over many hours. It may be global TV coverage - or postings on the internet in places such as Twitter and Facebook. All are influential. Of course it's best to be 'first with the truth', but if you're responding to an issue and get it wrong at best you may miss a critical opportunity.

At worst you could harm or even kill your company. Ask Cadbury's or Pan Am.

Crown Media can also test your readiness. Using seasoned professionals we have the skills and experience to test how you operate, and to provide a simulation environment second to none. This allows you to identify gaps and flaws, and plug them. Before the media plug you!